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MY HOLOHOLO DIARY ONE YEAR ON THE BIG ISAND OF HAWAI’I NANCY HAS LOVED COMING TO THE BIG ISLAND on vacation with her family for many years. This time, lured by Kupuna Pele, she came alone, embarking on a mid-life journey of what she called “a sabbatical between being a mother and a grandmother.” “Holoholo” means “to move around with no particular plan or destination.” My Holoholo Diary records Nancy’s year of adventures and challenges while living in the Hawai’ian culture. Her colorful vignettes bring the people to “life” -- with their pidgin English, native wisdom, humor, and warm Aloha. This Diary is intended especially as a tribute to her two spiritual guides -- Auntie Fern, and her daughter Auntie Aka, and their Ohana. They repeatedly encouraged Nancy to write down and share these ancient Hawai’ian teachings, wisdom, history, and customs. During this year, local people shared their culture, humor, music, feasts and stories, took her on treks to sacred sites, and brought old Hawai’i alive through sharing family genealogy, ceremonies, hula and chants, Lomilomi massage, and the principles of Ho’o’ponopono. Nancy hopes that, through these stories and teachings, others will receive an infusion of the Aloha and inspiration she was blessed to receive from so many local people. As Auntie Aka always said to her, “If you receive a blessing, the way of Aloha is to share it, in some way, shape or form.” As the creator of the Dolphin Divination Cards (1994) and the author of the Guidebook to the Dolphin Divination Cards (1999), Nancy has swum with the dolphins, but is now a strong advocate of “armchair surfing” to help protect the dolphins’ well-being and natural environment.
538 pages, 6.25 x 9, with 162 color photos ISBN 978-1-57733-509-2, paperback, color photos, $49* ISBN 978-1-57733-507-8, paperback b&w photos, $25 Also by NANCY CLEMENS ISBN 978-1-57733-508-5, E-book, color photos, $9.99
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